Adobe After Effects allows you to create videos containing animation and special effects for graphics-related projects. You can use After Effects to animate, alter, and composite media using various tools and optional plug-ins. The program is widely used by motion-graphics professionals, website designers, and visual effect artists for post-production on digital films, DVD, video, and the web.

Expected Skills
  1. An Introduction to Adobe After Effects
  2. Getting Started in After Effects
  3. Working with Text in After Effects
  4. Shape Layers
  5. Further Exploring Animation
  6. Working with Masks
  7. Animating Layers
  8. Introducing the Puppet Tools
  9. Using the Roto Brush to Create Mattes and Extract Objects
  10. Working in 3D
  11. Advanced Video Creation and Editing Techniques
  12. Rendering and Exporting Your Work
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