Our hardware course will make you an expert at computer repair. Topics covered include microprocessor, memory, motherboard, monitors, assembling a PC, working with printers and scanners, hardware troubleshooting skills, server hardware, to name a few.

Learning about the functioning of the machines, finding out how they operate, learning how to fix or replace these parts and much more is how you will earn your hardware certification. This hardware networking certificate is not just to teach you the basics, but this knowledge sets you up to be able to keep up with new machines that are released in the market daily.

Expected Skills

Introduction, Memory, Mother Board, Add on Cards/Expansion Slots Parts, Keyboard, Mouse, Bios, Micro Processor (Support Chips) Floppy Disk Drive, Optical Drive, Hard Disk Drive, Installation MPS & UPS, Introduction to Virus, Types, Symptoms & Protection from Virus, Printer.