Networking is the process of interconnecting different computers for the purpose of sharing resources. The Internet itself is a massive network. If there is more than a single computer in an office or a home that is also considered a network.

Getting your networking certification is extremely important for landing a job. Through a networking course you will learn how to setup a network, the difference between a personal network and a local area network from a metropolitan or wide area network. Today, all companies and organizations run on computer networks. It is the job of an individual with a hardware and networking certification to identify the best network and also ensure that it runs securely and smoothly within the company.

Expected Skills

Introduction to Networking, Requirement of Networking, Transmission, Types of Cable, Networking Devices, International Organisation, OSI Model, TCP/IP, LAN Technology, Dateline Control, Multiplexing & De-multiplexing IP Addressing, TCP/IP Routing, Remote Desktop, Net Meeting, Directory Service, DHCP, DNS, WINS, TCP/IP utilities, Wan Technologies, Security Protocol, Cryptography, CCNA, MCSE