Multimedia is the combined use of text, graphics, sound, animation, and video. A primary objective of this workshop is to teach participants how to develop multimedia programs. Another objective is to demonstrate how still images, sound, and video can be digitized on the computer. Participants in this workshop will create their own multimedia

Expected Skills

* Photoshop-Photo Transformation, editing, selection Techniques.
* Illustrator-Layout Designing, Boarders, Inbuilt designs.
* Sound Forge-Sound Mixing, Remix Song creation, MP3 Cutting
* Premiere-Working with Video & Editing, Creating
* Flash-2D Animation, Creating Graphics, Modifying Shapes & Objects etc.
* 3Ds Max-Fundamentals, 3Ds Max, Texturing, Modelling, Animation Advanced Lighting Project
* Pinnacle Studio-Compositing, Mixing, Adv Editing
* Maya-Adv Tech of 3D, Micro Finishing
* Virtual DJ – DJ Songs Mixing
* After Effect- Double role editing, Smoke, Illusion