Civil CAD learning is an essential requirement for large construction companies as well as businesses that have Computer Aided Design (CAD) software for development of civil designs and plans. CAD course is by far the right way for any student to maximize productivity and prove their potential in the shortest time frame. The course of Civil CAD at Venture CAD Centre includes worthwhile assistance on structural design, land survey & transportation design, and building design.

In education of structural design, it imparts skills on analyzing & calculating the rigidity, stability, and strength of structures. In the land survey and transportation, it teaches on how to conduct the land survey for determine the position of points and angles distances on the land. The segment of building design up skills an individual in planning and designing layouts of a building.

CoursesEstimated Time
Foundation In CIVIL CAD(AutoCAD) 1 Month
Foundation In CIVIL CAD(Revit) 1 Month
Foundation In CIVIL CAD(Staad Pro) 1 Month
Foundation In CIVIL CAD(Primavera Or MSP) 1 Month
Foundation In CIVIL CAD(Ansys) 1 Month
Diploma In CIVIL CAD 2 Months
Professional In CIVIL CAD 3-4 Months
Master Diploma In CIVIL CAD 5-6 Months