InDesign is a page design program that allows you to design high quality brochures, flyers, business cards, postcards, books and even pages for digital publishing such as those for the iPad and Kindle. InDesign gives you the power to do everything you need, from inserting and sizing graphics, adding text, creating interactive forms, and even packaging your work for a commercial printer.

Expected Skills
  1. Introduction to Adobe InDesign
  2. Creating and Viewing Documents
  3. Understanding Your Workspace
  4. Pages
  5. Working with Type
  6. Working with Graphics
  7. Formatting Objects
  8. Working with Color
  9. Points and Paths
  10. Managing and Transforming Objects
  11. Character and Paragraph Formatting
  12. Using Styles
  13. Tables
  14. Long and Interactive Documents
  15. Packaging and Printing
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