Mechanical engineers design, analyses and help manufacture mechanical tools, engines, and machines. They are employed in almost all manufacturing sectors including Heavy machineries, ship building, aerospace and automobile. They are also employed in engineering services and product design companies. They, carry out a wide range of design and analysis activities, in the product development lifecycle. Their key tasks include: Concept Sketching, 2D Design & Drafting, 3D Modeling, Prototyping, and Performance & Safety Analysis.

Courses Estimated Time
Foundation in Mech. CAD(AutoCAD) 1 Month
Foundation in Mech. CAD(Catia) 1 Month
Foundation in Mech. CAD(Pro-e) 1 Month
Foundation in Mech. CAD(UG) 1 Month
Foundation in Mech. CAD(CNC) 1 Month
Foundation in Mech. CAD(Ansys) 1 Month
Diploma in Mech. CAD 2 Months
Professional in Mech. CAD 3-4 Months
Master Diploma in Mech. CAD 5-6 Months
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