PageMaker is a layout program. Many of its facilities, while providing for the general user, are directed to meeting the requirements of the page-layout artist in the development of all forms of publications.

Expected Skills
  1. Introduction to Publishing
  2. Introduction to PageMaker
  3. Placing and Manipulating Text
  4. Importing and Manipulating Graphics
  5. Integrating Text and Graphics
  6. Introduction to Selected Topics
  7. Creating Templates
  8. Using Templates
  9. Working with Graphics
  10. Defining Colours
  11. Graphic Formats
  12. Printing
  13. Document Setup
  14. Colour Management
  15. Trapping
  16. Advanced Printing
  17. Electronic Publishing
  18. Creating Acrobat PDF Files
  19. HTML Export
  20. Exporting HTML
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