Visual Basic Script (VBScript) is a component-based scripting language developed by Microsoft. It is a light version of Visual Basic with a fast interpreter for use on Microsoft platforms. VBScripts use the Component Object Model (COM) to access the features of the environment where they are running.

Expected Skills

  1. Introduction to VBScript
  2. Declaring and Using Variables in VBScript
  3. Operators, Operator Precedence and Constants in VBScript
  4. Using Conditional Statements in VBScript
  5. Loops in VBScript
  6. Using Procedures and Functions in VBScript
  7. Arrays in VBScript
  8. Date Functions in VBScript
  9. Working with Strings and Cookies in VBScript
  10. Working with Events in VBScript
  11. Working with Excel Objects in VBScript
  12. Working with Connection Objects in VBScript
  13. Working with Files in VBScript
  14. Error Handling in VBScript
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