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Multimedia Modul1

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  • 3ds Max

    Character Studio Scene Explorer DWG import Texture assignment/editing General keyframing Constrained animation Skinning Skeletons and inverse kinematics (IK) Integrated Cloth solver Integration with Autodesk Vault Populate crowd animation Improved viewport performance Augmented Particle Flow system

    Sound Forge

    Real-time sample level wave editor Stereo and Multichannel Recording High resolution audio support: 24-Bit, 32-Bit, 64-bit (IEEE float) 192 kHz Video support including AVI, WMV, and MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 (both PAL and NTSC) for use in frame by frame synchronization of audio and video Support for a wide variety of file formats DirectX and VST plug-in support. Version 9 includes a vinyl restoration plug-in and Mastering Effects Bundle, powered by Isotope. Floating Plug-in Chain window for non-destructive effects processing CD Architect 5.2 software which allows Disk-At-Once (DAO) CD burning. Batch conversion functionality Spectrum analysis tools White, pink, brown and filtered noise generators DTMF/MF tone synthesis External monitor support for DV and FireWire (IEEE 1394) devices

    Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems Adobe's 2003 "Creative Suite" rebranding led to Adobe Photoshop 8's renaming to Adobe Photoshop CS. Thus, Adobe Photoshop CS6 is the 13th major release of Adobe Photoshop. The CS rebranding also resulted in Adobe offering numerous software packages containing multiple Adobe programs for a reduced price. Adobe Photoshop is released in two editions: Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Photoshop Extended, with the Extended having extra 3D image creation, motion graphics editing, and advanced image analysis features. Adobe Photoshop Extended is included in all of Adobe's Creative Suite offerings except Design Standard, which includes the Adobe Photoshop edition. However, in 2013, Adobe announced a new brand - Creative Cloud. And the Photoshop version included in this suite is named Photoshop CC. The CC version (Originally 14.0, and will be continuously maintained and upgraded) has 3D content as Photoshop Extended, which means the standard version is canceled.


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