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Core Java with project

  • To be the best learn from the best

    Java is a very powerful object oriented programming language used world over for developing variety of applications. Students pursuing a course on Java have plenty of career options such as take up job as Java programmer, proceed for Sun Java Certification exams and/or learn advanced Java technologies. JAVA IN 6 WEEKS from HITECH is a quick fire course that includes all the basics and necessary concepts in Java. Students would get a window view of leveraging Java in the current scenario and also its future applications as well. This training course is designed in line with curriculum used in colleges. The students can opt to continue with industrial training at HITECH too. They would get an Industrial training certificate on successful completion of training for academic records of the college. HITECH has placement consultancy wing too which can help the students to get jobs. Students pursuing courses at HITECH not only learn the subject, moreover earn an experience certificate to get job assistance.

  • Java Curriculum Jse (Java Standard Edition)

    Introduction to Java Understanding Requirement: why JAVA Why java important to the internet JAVA on LINUX platform

    Inrroduction to Java Virtual Machine

    Java Virtual machine Architecture Class loading process by class loaders Role of Just In time complier (JIT) Execution Engine

    An Overview of Java and Buzzwords

    Data types , Variables ad array Operators Control statements Object oriented paradigms Abstractions The three OOP Principles(Encapsulation, inheritance, Polymorphism

    Java Classes and OOPs Implementation

    Class fundamentals Commands line arguments Learning Static Initializer Declaration of objects Instance variable Hiding Overloading and Overriding of Methods Understanding of Access Controls (private, public and protected) Learning Nested and Inner classes Dynamic method Dispatching Using Abstract classes Using final to prevent Overriding & Inheritance Garbage collection

    Pakages and Interfaces

    Defining a package Understanding CLASSPATH Importing packages Defining and Implementing interfaces Abstract classes Vs Interfaces

    Excepion Handling

    Fundamental of Exception handling Types of exceptions Learning exceptions handlers Try and Catch Multiple catch Clauses Nested Try statements Throw , throws and finally

    String Handling

    Learning String Operation Learning character Extraction Learning string Comparison Understanding string Buffer Classes

    New in JDK 1.5

    Premain method , Object size Generics Annotations Vargs Static Import For each


    Applet Basics Architecture and skeleton Simple apple Display Methods The HTML Applenet Tag

    Multi threaded Programming

    The java thread model Creating a thread: Extended Thread and Implementing Runable Creating multiple Thread and Context Switching Synchronization: methods and statements Inter thread Communication

    Managing Input and Output in Java

    Introduction to I/O streams File handling Binary Streams Character stream Data streams Serialization

    Collection API

    Collection Overview The collection Interfaces (list, set , sorted set) The Collection classes (array list, Linked list, hash set, Tree Set) Accessing a collection via an Interator Working with Maps


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