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ASP .Net

  • To be the best learn from the best

    In this advanced era, we do not have much time to think. We share talks, data and information through online; and it's due to Internet. Internet is the only global network that connects billions of users at a time. However, of its usage, have we ever thought that how the internet does this? It's obvious that there are standard protocols that enable us to share the information and data within no time. Regardless of the protocols, there are various web applications which sets the platform to stay connect mostly the web applications, which we talk about, are developed through .net. Infact, there are other languages to do the same as the .NET does, but they are not reliable. Moreover, the .NET is a technology, which supports several languages in the present scenario. In addition, it also supports more than 67 languages. If we think that why .NET, then it is easy to program and secure. It was only developed for solving the purpose of internet. The best feature, which makes it so popular, is the object-orientedprinciple. Apart from it, the languages supported by this framework are Graphical user interface (GUI) which makes the user comfortable to design and develop. Looking to the growth of IT companies, there is a huge opportunity for .NET developers. Therefore, it is advisable to grasp this course from a good institute like HITECH. It is the pioneer of training institute for software developers. From many years, it is successfully placing its students in top multinational companies especially the .NET developers. Rush to the nearest HITECH centre and indulge yourself as a web application developer.

  • Designing Website with Theme and CSS

    Ø Creating Theme

    Ø Adding Skins to Themes

    Adding Cascading Style Sheets

    Designing Website with Master Page

    Ø Creating  Master Page

    Ø Creating  Content Page

    State Management Techniques

    Ø Client Side State Management

    • Cookie, Hidden Field ,View State, Query String

    Ø Server Side State Management

    • Session ,Application

    User Controls

    Ø Creating User Controls

    Ø Adding User Controls to a Content Page or Master Page


    ASP.NET Intro

    Ø What is Server side script and Client side script


    ASP.NET Controls

    Ø Client side control Vs Server side controls

    Using the Validation Controls


    Ø Required Field Validator  Controls


    Ø Range Validator Control

    Ø CompareValidator Control

    Ø Regular Expression Validator Control

    Ø Custom Validator Control

    Ø Validation Summary

    Using Navigation Controls


    Ø Using Menu Controls


    Ø Using Tree View Controls

    Ø Using SiteMapPath Controls


    Ø Importance of Caching

    Ø Type of Caching in ASP.NET

    Ø Output Caching

    Ø Programmatic Caching

    Ø Caching  with Data Source Control

    Data Controls

    Ø FormView

    Ø GridView

    Ø ListView

    Ø SqlDataSource

    Ø LinqDataSource

    Ø XmlDataSource

    Database Using LINQ

    Ø Insert,Update,Delete,Search using Linq

    Using AJAX Controls

    Ø Creating Flicker-Free Pages

    Ø Import Ajax control toolkit in Website.

    Ø Creating Timer Control

    Ø Calendar, Accordian, etc.

    ASP.NET Tracing

    Ø Page level

    Ø Application level


    Security in ASP.NET


    Ø Authentication: How Can You Prove Who You Are?


    Ø Authorization: What are You Allowed to Do?

    Introducing the Login Controls

    Ø The Login Controls

    Ø Configuring Your Web Application

    Role Manager

    Ø Configuring the Role Manager

    Ø Configuring the Web Application to Work with Roles

    Ø Programmatically Checking Roles

    Personalizing Web Sites - Understanding Profile

    Ø Configuring the Profile

    Ø Using the Profile


    Ø Intro, Install, Syntax

    Ø Selectors, Events.

    Ø Hide/Show, Fade, Slide, Animate

    Ø Stop, Callback, Chaining

    Ø HTML get, set, add, remove

    Css classes, css, dimensions

    Final Project


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